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About Us


A few years ago I was lucky enough to finally treat my family to something we've wanted for a very long time...  A Ribcraft rigid inflatable center console!  The perfect boat for the family to spend some quality time on, or so I thought.  The wind and spray on the water was relentless.  There was hardly a boat trip we could take without being cold or soaked, and most times both.

The Great South Bay of Long Island is windy and choppy most days, and it became harder and harder to get the family out.  We had planned boat trips all around Long Island, up the Hudson River, and along the New England coast (not to mention the fishing trips with the guys!).  None of which would have happened without finding a way out of the wind.  Truth be told, the fishing would have still happened...

Having been on my boat, I called my old friend Jim and convinced him to let me “use” his boat as our next prototype.  We began building it together, and in the process, realized we had something special.  Not only the product, but the chemistry together and the love for fine craftsmanship.  Paired together we continued to develop Wind-Armor.  Drawing on his business background, we decided to bring Wind-Armor to the marine industry.  We applied for patenting and haven’t looked back since.

Jim and I set out with an idea to extend wind coverage from gunwale to gunwale, but how?  Prototype after prototype, and hundreds of hours of mockup and testing led us to our first version of Wind-Armor.  We booked all the trips we dreamt of: Block Island, Around the Statue of Liberty, and even 90 miles up the Hudson River.  Everywhere we went, people asked about Wind Armor.  The most common comment was “I can’t believe it doesn’t exist.”  

Wind-Armor was born out of necessity and is leading us into the future of wind and spray protection.  Join us now in making boating better!


Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you!

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